Wedding Photo of Robert David Mead Wedding photo of Mary Ann Price

Robert David Mead

Born: June 23, 1824, South Carolina
Married: Mary Ann Price about 1849
Died: about 1865 in Arkansas

Mary Ann Price Mead

Born: January 14, 1835 in South Carolina
Died: February 2, 1917, Blair, Oklahoma

Cuthbert Davis "Bird
William Samuel
Robert Jackson
Mary F
Nancy Jane

Robert David., "R.D." farmed, worked for the railroad and did blacksmithing near Antoine, Arkansas until November 3, 1863 when he joined the Confederate Army to fight against the Federal Army that was approaching his home from Little Rock. He enlisted in Drew County as Sergeant. A major battle in the area was at Camden, Arkansas and he probably participated in that. He was captured on March 29, 1864 in Ashley County and taken by steamboat to Rock Island, Illinois. His son, William Samuel Mead was captured with him.

Mary Ann determined to go and get her husband so she loaded her four children in a covered wagon and drove to Rock Island to retrieve her husband and son. William Samuel escaped under the carriage of a Federal Officer but Robert David was refused release and Mary Ann returned to Arkansas with all five of her children. Robert David was not released until 1865 and he walked 760 miles all the way back to Arkansas. He was so emaciated that he died shortly after.

Mary Ann and her family moved to Texas, then Oklahoma after the war and she eventually settled in Blair, Oklahoma with her daughter, Nancy Mead White and her family.

Cuthbert Davis Mead William Samuel Mead Robert Jackson Mead
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