The New Arrival
The Run
Final Days in Texas
Indian Territory
Ardmore, Indian Territory
The Snowstorm
Paoli, Indian Territory
The New House
The Storm
The Return
Paucanla, Indian Territory
Being Indian
The Wilds of Indian Territory
Owen's Adventures
Elmer, Oklahoma Territory
More Adventures With Owen
Owen Meets President Theodore Roosevelt
The Hundred and One Ranch
Home Again
Dodsonville, Texas
Maude Ragsdale
The Wedding


Following is a story of members of the Mead family in Texas and Oklahoma between 1880 and 1910. The story is a combination of facts and imagination. For future researchers, a link is provided that explains facts as I know them to be and the sources of those facts.  

To identify the people in the banner mosaic, click on the individual and a new window will open with additional information.  

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