The New Arrival
The Run
Final Days in Texas
Indian Territory
Ardmore, Indian Territory
The Snowstorm
Paoli, Indian Territory
The New House
The Storm
The Return
Paucanla, Indian Territory
Being Indian
The Wilds of Indian Territory
Owen's Adventures
Elmer, Oklahoma Territory
More Adventures With Owen
Owen Meets President Theodore Roosevelt
The Hundred and One Ranch
Home Again
Dodsonville, Texas
Maude Ragsdale
The Wedding

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Photo and Illustration Credits

Photo Collage in top banner: Photos courtesy of Mead Family. Collage created by Marty Jane Beth Giles. The photos are, from left to right:

Owen and Cuthbird Mead (as children); Creighton Mead; Maude Ragsdale and Owen Mead at the time of their wedding; Bill Mead and Martha Jane (Mattie) Gower--top row; Mary Ann Dozier and Elijah Port Gower--bottom row; Robert David Mead, Mary Ann Price

Divider and Pointing Hands for Chapter Links: Inspirations of the Past

Train Illustration for The New Arrival: From Classic Clip Art, Glorya Hale Books, 1996.

Photo for The Run: History of the Oklahoma City Fire Department

Wagon Illustration for Final Days in Texas: From Art Explosion 750,000.

Wagon on Ferry Illustration for Indian Territory: From B & C Art Gallery .

Map of Indian Territory: Compiled under the direction of the Hon. John H. Oberly, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, by C.A. Maxwell, 1889. Courtesy of American Memory Project, Library of Congress. Map Collections, 1500-2004

Map of Ardmore, Indian Territory: Morrisville, Pa., T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer,1891. Courtesy of American Memory Project, Library of Congress. Map Collections, 1500-2004

Illustration of Snow-covered Trees for The Snowstorm: from Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll by John Greenleaf Whittier

Illustration of Cotton for The New House:

Illustration of a Tornado for The Storm: Trombes or whirlwinds ... "scattering terror and desolation in their paths..." In: The Atmosphere translated by James Glaisher, 1873. From the work of Camille Flammarion Figure 63, p. 347. Courtesy of NOAA Historic Weather Service Archive.

Illustration of Grieving Woman for Tragedy:

Illustration of Weeping Woman for The Return:

Illustration of Teacher and School Children for Paucanla, Indian Territory:

Illustration of Man Hunting on Horseback for The Wilds of Indian Territory: Art Explosion 750,000

Illustration of Panther in a Tree for Owen's Adventures:

Photo of President Theodore Roosevelt:

Illustration of a Bronco Buster for The Hundred and One Ranch: Art Explosion 750,000

Illustration of a Cattle Drive for Colorado: Frederick Remington

Illustration of a Preacher for Home Again: